Through dedication and hard work, LPGN IBOs have advanced to the Titanium Director level. We are excited to see this rank achievement continue as more of our Platinum Directors advance to this prestigious rank. As Titanium Directors, these individuals have received a $65,000 Car Bonus. Titanium Directors also enjoyed an all access pass to LPGN private events and the LiFEvention convention.

Kenneth Brower, U.S.A.

Kenneth Brower, U.S.A.

Part of the second generation of Browers in the LifePharm Global Network business, Ken is the son of Diamond Director Stan Brower.

He says, "I help my dad with his LifePharm Global business on a part-time basis, and our group is thriving! I have some strong business builders who are our downline in the emerging markets. Our volume is at a record pace, and we hope to reach the next level."

A newlywed, Ken says, "My wife complained about my snoring, but Laminine has helped me out! I started taking two in the morning and two in the afternoon, and my snoring has almost completely disappeared. Plus I can tell I am getting a more restful night of sleep."

Irene Savchin, USA

Irene Savchin, U.S.A.

Irene Savchin is a woman with a vision. Before joining LifePharm Global Network, she was actively seeking a network marketing company where she could achieve her financial dream. Clearly this is a match made in heaven.

"I saw the combination of everything I needed for success. Laminine is a unique product that everybody, everywhere needs. The compensation plan has a built-in incentive program. In a very short time, all those good things started to work for my partners and me," Irene asserts.

"LifePharm Global Network has created a rare opportunity for millions of people to prosper and reach for their financial dreams. Dream big, always work with positive people, and enjoy what you are doing. With Laminine, I’ve experienced the best years of my life. Let this opportunity become the greatest of your life!"

Tom Scheffler, USA

Tom Scheffler, U.S.A.

A staunch believer in the benefits of the product, Tom Scheffler introduces people to LifePharm Global Network with Laminine. He is committed to the company and works his LPGN business full time.

Tom says, “I always lead with the product and the health benefits. I also give some testimonials as examples of the results that can be achieved with Laminine. I believe the money will follow.”

Grateful for the flexibility that his LPGN business affords him, Tom affirms, “I get to go to all of my teenage daughter’s events and activities. LPGN has allowed my family and me the freedom to enjoy life unlike most who have a day job. In addition, with Laminine, being able to lower my stress levels and enjoy improved sleep is awesome!"